iamtheblacktaco (iamtheblacktaco) wrote,

its ok

im going to be okay.
thanks to my new boyfriend i was able to go through today without moping all day in my apartment. we went to the MoMA which was nice. we went shopping. well... he did. i got a new pair of diesel jeans... idk why. but whatever. we watched madagascar and war of the worlds. and ate chinese food like fucking fat kids. woooo.

derek called me just to check up on me and that made me smile.
he knows that today was a rough day for me and altho he doesn't know what to say he still called to see if i was okay. i definitely needed that. makes me realize whos your friend and all.

i know all my friends know what today is for me. and i guess its a burden that i have carry within myself and not rely on other people to talk to me about it. it just bums me out a little tho.

i bought seabiscuit movie..... horse lovers unite.
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